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Best New Web Site San Francisco 2006 -

Hey, you know what would be great? If someone combined the dating/ogling/networking possibilities of Friendster with the venue reviews of Citysearch. Wait, somebody has: Hello, Last year twentysomethings Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons took cash and connections earned working at PayPal and poured them into this new S.F. venture. offers reviews of bars, restaurants, doctors, dog walkers, clothing stores, nightclubs, and more, all composed by regular folks (if by "regular" you mean young, hip, and on the go go go). Of course, you can also compliment reviewers on their tastes, add a writer to your favorite people or friend lists, post bulletins, and find out who's got similar tastes (then send those who do a private message, just like on all those dating sites). The more reviews you write, the closer you get to "elite status," during which the sky rains diamonds and chocolate. Or you get into cool events for free. We can never remember which.
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