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Best Ping-Pong Table San Francisco 2006 - Finnegans Wake

Finnegans Wake

Finnegans Wake

937 Cole

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Keep your dart boards and liar's dice and pool and pinball; Ping-Pong is the pastime that separates the posers from the players and builds up a thirst for strong drink — the game every bar should have as its centerpiece. Among its many charms (pool and pinball among them), Finnegans Wake features an honest-to-God Ping-Pong table out on its rustic back patio. Ask the barkeep for a couple of paddles and balls and you're in business. The table itself is nothing special — a worn-at-the-edges regulation setup with a sun-bleached paint job — but after a beaker or two of Guinness, your smash and spin shot will improve exponentially. The patio, a sunny, beshrubbed oasis distinct from the interior's dark and moody ambience, offers picnic tables, a barbecue grill, a few discarded kegs, and old-time iron-and-wood park benches ideal for resting before your next paddle-wielding victory.
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