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Best Place to Eat When You Don't Want to Make Any Decisions San Francisco 2006 - House of Prime Rib

Well, you probably will have to make one decision (certainly on weekends): At what point to make a reservation. But after that, the ritual meal here hasn't changed since the '40s: sweet, neon-colored dressing poured into the spinning salad bowl over greens, julienned beets, and shredded hard-boiled egg, served with a round loaf of warm, crusty French bread, followed by roast beef carved at your table from a massive silver rolling cart by a top-hatted chef, alongside creamed spinach, your choice of mashed or baked potato (OK, another decision), Yorkshire pudding, and three different horseradish sauces. (You do get to choose from among four different cuts of beef, depending on your appetite. And if you must bring along someone who's meat-averse, there's a daily fresh fish.)
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