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Best Place to Get Dad That Other Thing San Francisco 2006 - Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply

2300 16th St.

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Take some advice: Though Cable Car Clothiers has nearly everything else you might want to get for your pop (see above), don't ask about picking up a straight razor. You'll be quickly put in your place when the lads behind the counter roll their eyes and tell you such razors are technically illegal, and they're tired of everyone asking. But we think the Cable Car clerks should check across town: We found a straight razor under the pink banner of Sally Beauty Supply. Until you've used one (or kissed someone who has), it's impossible to describe how superior a straight razor shave is to even the most high-tech multi-blade commercial shaving tool. The international beauty supply chain might not be the first place that comes to mind when searching for a device with a thuggish (not to mention manly) reputation, but most area locations carry them.
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