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Best Place to Golf Alone San Francisco 2006 - Golden Gate Park Golf Course

Golden Gate Park Golf Course

Golden Gate Park Golf Course

47th Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94121


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Golfing alone on Golden Gate Park's nine-hole course, which the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department opened in 1951 as a "pitch and putt," offers two options. One is almost ideal for reclusive folks, and one is geared toward social butterflies who feel comfortable in any setting. If you come down for a game on a weekday afternoon early in the week, you face the possibility of being truly alone out there, with only the wind as companionship. Alternatively, if you visit the green alone later in the week (or on a weekend) — and if you're open to the possibility of making new friends — you should have little trouble getting a ragtag group together to give each other tips and moral support.
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