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Best Place to Learn a Language San Francisco 2006 - Pacific Arabic Resources

Pacific Arabic Resources

55 New Montgomery

San Francisco, CA 94105


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Jamal Mavrikios, the president and founder of Pacific Arabic Resources, begins a class by reminding students that there's no better time to learn Arabic. And he's right. This feisty, multilingual Greek New Yorker is the perfect Arabic instructor, with a sharp wit and an easy teaching style. He created Pacific Arabic Resources in hopes of promoting inclusiveness, multilingualism, and internationalism. There's no question that, for Westerners, Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn. But Mavrikios has developed an internationally recognized curriculum that gets first-time students not only speaking, but also reading and writing Arabic after only 10 classes. He and seven other teachers offer Modern Standard Arabic, plus a variety of North African and Middle Eastern dialects, and Arabic calligraphy for reasonable prices (MSA runs about $200, for which you get a textbook and audio CD designed by Mavrikios, 10 class sessions, and optional tutoring two times per week).
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I wanted to know if you taught any arabic language classes? or if you knew of any good schools in San francisco?

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