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Best Religious Radio Show San Francisco 2006 - Godtalk

Now in its 21st year, Godtalk is a refreshing alternative to other religious radio programs — mainly because it's more of a political show for diverse listeners than an evangelical sermon for an already converted flock. Rather than pushing a particular religious agenda, host Bernie Ward uses the interfaith world as a springboard to discuss current events, whether the spiritual implications of the war in Iraq or the internal conflicts Irish-American carnivores faced last St. Patrick's Day when their annual corned beef extravaganza fell during the meat-forbidding Lent. Ward also broadcasts The Bernie Ward Show weeknights on KGO, on which the topics are often similar. But there the tempers tend to flare higher, and Ward's sense of humor is buried deeper (as in, hold the corned beef). Sundays are more peaceful — more pious, even — but no less vital as a place to look for answers to international problems in our own backyard.
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