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Best Sea Shanty Band San Francisco 2006 - Salty Walt and the Rattlin' Ratlines

Ever since 826 Valencia Street became the place to go to buy stuffed parrots, peg-legs, and eye patches, the pirate arts have been experiencing a renaissance in the Bay Area. This barnacled purveyor of olde seafaring songs brings a shipshape dose of "yo ho ho" to shiver even the most landlubberly of audiences' timbers. Lovers of ballads about scurvy, rigging, and the Barbary Coast can weigh anchor at the Edinburgh Pub on the last Sunday evening of each month to eat fish and chips and watch the shaggy-looking quartet deliver ocean-deep renditions of some of the folk cannon's most sublime sea songs, accompanied by mandolin, accordion, and guitar.
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Shouldn't this be Skip Henderson or Dogwatch or one of the popular groups that's been around for 20 years? I mean....who know about the voting for this? Not me! No slight to Salty Walt and The ratlines...but I would hardly call them the best of the bay. I think for that title to be deserved the fact that there was even a "Best Shanty Group" would need to be public knowledge so that a decent portion of the populace could vote!Just sayin...

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