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Best Sports Radio Host San Francisco 2006 - Tom Tolbert, KNBR

The realm of sports talk radio has long been dominated by an execrable creature we'll call the ranter-sycophant, the guy who spews invective at listeners but turns toady when interviewing athletes. Tolbert is the antidote, a laid-back host who grasps that it's called talk radio, not shriek radio, and who dares to ask uncomfortable questions of sports figures, without getting all Bill O'Reilly about it. Less arch than Rick Barry, another former pro hoops player in KNBR's stable of hosts, Tolbert also sounds at ease discussing sports other than his own. He can dissect the latest Barry Bonds fiasco or Andy Roddick's footwork, and in between swap yuks with co-host Ralph Barbieri. And it's all delivered in a smooth-as-scotch baritone, a voice that calms rather than agitates, providing a genial companion during your evening commute.
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