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Best Starring Role by a Nonhuman San Francisco 2006 - The pets on Animal Cops: San Francisco

Not surprisingly, the folks who give out Emmy Awards don't offer a trophy for best acting in a reality show, since there shouldn't be any acting in a reality show. That said, the wayward dogs, slithering snakes, and preening cockatoos on Animal Planet's Animal Cops: San Francisco deserve some kind of prize. It's not like anyone told them to act frightened or cry eye goop on cue. This is real life, people! Or rather real life, nonpeople. The TV show follows the San Francisco Animal Care and Control unit's 10 investigators and two police officers as they handle some of the 10,000 calls they get a year. The animals are the real stars of the show, though, whether it's a cat reunited with his owners after seven long years, a rat freed from a glue trap, or a dog who's been abused in illegal fighting competitions. Forget Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman: These critters will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing and crying and writing down the ACC's adoption number.
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