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Best Store to Inspire You to Open Your Own Restaurant San Francisco 2006 - Kamei Household Wares

Kamei Household Wares

Kamei Household Wares

525-547 Clement

San Francisco, CA 94118


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There's something strangely disorienting about stepping inside Kamei Household Wares & Restaurant Supply, the Inner Richmond's bargain-filled answer to Bed Bath & Beyond. Its aisles are filled with thousands of items most people have never seen outside a restaurant. At every turn, there's another surprising rack — wooden sushi boats and bridges, the fountain glasses used exclusively for ice cream sundaes and root beer floats, piles of thick plastic booster chairs. Before you know it, you start thinking, "Hmm ... maybe I should buy an industrial-sized rice cooker." Then your mind starts racing, and your eyes dart from item to item, and the next thing you know you're convinced that you need to open a restaurant just so that you can purchase all these wonderful, odd supplies. Just in the nick of time you realize how absurd that sounds, and decide that maybe you should just buy one of those bamboo cylinders — you know, for the next time you cook pork dumplings. At home.
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