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Best Triathalon San Francisco 2006 - Accenture Escape From Alcatraz

Triathalons sound difficult enough without having to contend with the waters of San Francisco Bay, which average around 55 degrees in summer. The temperature outside usually isn't more than 10-15 degrees higher, either. But the sheer excitement of a nationally televised race that begins on Alcatraz Island, continues on to an 18-mile bike ride through Golden Gate Park out to the Great Highway, proceeds to an eight-mile run through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and ends at the Marina Green (a great spot for spectators) helps immunize you against the chill. In order to compete, triathletes must qualify in one "Escape To Alcatraz" qualifying race, win an application via a random drawing, win their age group the previous year, or pass the host company's rigorous performance camp. Up to 1,600 triathletes and relay teams are expected at this year's event, which takes place on June 4.
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Christie Hosea
Christie Hosea

I am interested in participating in the triathalon in the year 2008. I have run the local "Flying Pigs marathon" here in Cincinnati twice and just won first place in a small triathalon this year. What do I need to do in order to qualify for the event?

Thanks for your help. My sister and brother are also interested.

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