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Best Warrior San Francisco 2006 - Jason Richardson

Readers' Choice: Jason Richardson
Much of the talk in Warriors Land entering the 2005-'06 NBA season concerned Baron Davis, the gifted, erratic point guard whom fans hoped would lift Golden State from its rut of mediocrity. By season's end, with Davis bench-ridden by injury and the team missing the playoffs yet again, Jason Richardson was the guy who kept the faithful believing in a brighter future. Long known for his exploits above the rim, the former All-Star slam-dunk champ emerged as a complete player, scalding opponents with dead-eye three-pointers and playing lock-down defense. Just as important, J-Rich, shrugging off his own late-season injuries, talked and walked a team-first attitude, a concept that still seems lost on Davis. If Golden State wants to break its postseason drought sooner rather than later, it had best find a way to hold on to Richardson, the team's true warrior.
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