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Best Way to Unleash Your Inner Racist/Homophobe/Sexist/Anti-Semite San Francisco 2006 - Craigslist's Rants and Raves

Although San Francisco is known for its left-leaning politics and tolerant attitude toward diversity, its seedy little underbelly of racism, homophobia, sexism, and other undesirable traits can be found in all of its ungrammatical glory on Craigslist's Rants and Raves message boards. Created to move off-topic discussions away from the Missed Connections section, Rants and Raves gives voice to the unflinching: On any given day you'll find any number of angry and thoughtless outbursts, ranging from diatribes about Asian-Americans and automobiles, gay men and AIDS, to tasteless sexual fantasies involving KRON-4 anchor Darya Folsom. Charming. And if odious generalizations aren't your cup of tea, there are more than enough breast and penis shots that posters submit for the popular "Friday Flash."
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Although this article is an old one, the point is still relevant. Given my local experiences with RnR, it would appear that perhaps the White Supremacist movement has chosen to use Craigslist to spread its propaganda. They have intentionally picked a site where their anonymity and flagrance is protected. I would say that ignoring them should ideally solve the problem and make them go away, but it doesn't. It is no coincidence that the same posts from one city are being posted in multiple cities across Craigslist, content that is often found at sites like Storm Front. 

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