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Best Arcade San Francisco 2007 - Riptide



PIER 39 M-3

San Francisco, CA 94133


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Entering Riptide is not unlike descending into hell, or maybe Vegas: It's a dark, cacophonous maelstrom populated by jittery, glassy-eyed lost souls illuminated by flashes of Mephistophelian fire. In other words, it's an absolutely ideal 21st-century amusement palace. The 12,000 square feet are chockablock with every conceivable videogame, from Tron and Space Invaders to Mr. Driller 2, House of the Dead 3, and such highly interactive experiences as Eighteen Wheeler, Wave Runner, and Harley-Davidson Deluxe. There's Guitar Freaks and Drummania for wannabe rockers, and move-busting opportunities are available in the form of Dance Dance Revolution. But Riptide also heeds the ghosts of arcades past by offering up old favorites like pinball, air hockey, photo booths, a Wild West rifle range, and an animatronic gypsy fortune teller straight out of Playland. There are lots of nonviolent child-friendly games, too. (An adjoining facility with sweeping bay views is available for private functions.)
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Shane Erickson
Shane Erickson

I just stumbled across this article when surfing the Web. I find it silly to have a "best of" list for arcades in a city where there is only one genuine arcade. I recommend removing this category in the future.

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