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Best Art Site San Francisco 2007 - Fecal Face

During the course of its seven-year adventure on the Web, Fecal Face has gone from covering the local art scene to ruling it. The site has an effortless be-here-now coolness, jammed with unpretentious content, struggling-artist resources, and endless photos of both local art and those impossible Mission art kids. Founder John Trippe and company have a clear love for the lowbrow, urban, graffiti-influenced aesthetic, especially when skateboarders are involved, but anything smart and good gets fair play. It's easy to get lost on the site, but that's part of the fun. One moment you're looking at Trippe's birthday photos, then you're off visiting the studio of local legend Bigfoot or skateboard graphics pioneer Jim Phillips. Later you might find yourself immersed in Mike Giant's "Count Trackula" blog or reading interviews with local stars such as Porous Walker, Jay Howell, and Paul Urich — or even passing-through celebs like the hotshot band Matt & Kim or actor/skateboarder Jason Lee. Forgive the tautology, but Fecal is the shit.
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Ariana Turner
Ariana Turner

Hell yea Fecal Face is the shit. I moved here from San Diego to go to SFSU for radio and have fallen in love witht he art scene, which i have Fecal to thank. They always cover the best shows, and they have the greatest most random blogs. thanks for being on it fecal face

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