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Best Bowling Alley San Francisco 2007 - Presidio Bowl

Presidio Bowl

Presidio Bowl

93 Moraga

San Francisco, CA 94129


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With all the great outdoor sporting outlets in San Francisco, it seems bizarre that anyone would want to spend the day indoors, tucked into shoes that someone else recently wore, throwing a heavy spherical object down the same lane, over and over. But then again, sometimes bowling just feels right — especially when you're at Presidio Bowl. Where else can you drink Bud Lite shaped like a bowling pin? Or get chastised for poor performance by animated figures on TV screens? Or buy socks from a vending machine? Plus, Presidio Bowl has tons of greasy food, a wonderfully cranky counter jockey, Dance Dance Revolution and other videogames, and, oh yeah, a decent number of nicely kept lanes. Finally, you can put all those hours of watching The Big Lebowski to some use other than annoying your friends.
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