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Best Cheese Plate San Francisco 2007 - Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine

561 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94110


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What better to accompany Bar Tartine's excellent bread (sourced from its famous parent, the Tartine bakery a few blocks away) than cheese? And cheese is treated with respect here: It's given its own separate menu, featuring about a dozen different varieties, whose careful affinage results in each one being served at its peak. (Try that at home!) They're priced at $6 each, $15 for three, $23 for five, $36 for eight. You'll receive generous portions elegantly displayed on polished wood slabs, beautifully garnished with seasonal fresh fruit, saucers of honey in the comb, and little heaps of Marcona almonds or other fancy nuts. In this urbane, polished deep storefront space, which now serves lunch and brunch as well as dinner, you can order cheese as a starter, as dessert, or as your entire meal.
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