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Best Cocktails San Francisco 2007 - Bong Su Restaurant & Lounge

There's a lot of competition out there in the lucrative cocktail market: It seems that every place has its list of both classic and signature cocktails, priced at whatever the market will bear ($9, $12, $15 — the sky's the limit). But sometimes, however carefully the recipes may have been crafted, the results taste off — the bartender hasn't carried out the noble intentions of the drinks' creators. Such is not the case at Bong Su, where the signature cocktails are intelligently designed, carefully concocted, and worth the $9 each that they cost. The list includes the Bong Su aperitif (vodka, passionfruit, pear nectar, Acqua Perfecta poire liqueur, and Prosecco); the Kaffir cocktail (Hangar One kaffir vodka and lemongrass syrup); and Cool Cucumber (Plymouth gin, muddled cucumber, orange juice, and Campari). It's tempting to linger in either Bong Su's cocktail lounge or dining room, both fashionable and comfortable settings, and drink your way through the entire list.
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