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Best Comedy Troupe San Francisco 2007 - Killing My Lobster

Readers' Choice: Uphill Both Ways
Halfway through Killing My Lobster Faces the Music, the sketch comedy troupe unleashed a song that made us want to shut the musical down for being too damn funny. It was an ode to the Mission burrito, with a lyric-writing process consisting of nothing more than paging through the phone book. The actor simply sang the names of a great many taquerias, one after the other, but he did so with a religious, reverential fervor, pouring his aching heart into every last syllable. The bit finished with a wide-eyed guy wandering out in super-burrito costume, and he just stood there, underplaying his role to perfection. The audience, of course, lost it. Such iconic moments are the norm for the troupe, which even scored a hit last year with its first play, Hunter Gatherers. (Big-time critics agreed: The piece picked up the Will Glickman Award and the American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award — this last one landing playwright Peter Nachtrieb $25,000.) After a hit musical and a full-length play in 2006, the troupe is heading back to classic sketch for 2007 including a new show about superheroes, KML Saves the Day.
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