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Best Cream Puff San Francisco 2007 - Beard Papa's

Beard Papa\'s

Beard Papa's

99 Yerba Buena

San Francisco, CA 94130


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A lovely little franchised gift that originated from the tropical shores of Hawaii, Beard Papa's makes puffs that are as addictive as Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts, McDonald's fries, and, well, crack, but without the over-processed chemical haze that these other vices have been known to induce. Standard flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate are fixtures on the menu, while other specialized tastes of the week like pumpkin, caramel, and green tea really should be. The flavor of choice is injected right into the puff while you wait, to maximize freshness. Many swear that these delights must be consumed immediately, or forget about it. Our analysis is that this directive might actually be a cover-up for gluttony. Truth is, they are best eaten quickly, but they taste pretty darned scrumptious later on as well. Beard Papa's gets bonus points for its slogan, "Who's your puff Daddy?"
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