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Best Cuban Food San Francisco 2007 - Los Flamingos - CLOSED

Los Flamingos

Los Flamingos

151 Noe

San Francisco, CA 94114


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Some swear by the Arroz Imperial, a titanic pot of sauce-smothered, cheesy chicken goodness. But one of the can't-miss pieces of the Los Flamingos arsenal is something a lot less elaborate that almost anyone, regardless of most major dietary restrictions, can enjoy. In a palette of standouts, it's the plantains, so often rendered to be the more lifeless cousin of the banana, that highlight most every plate. The menu offers just about as many Mexican standards (enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos). This helps to create ease in tentative diners (no matter whether they're local, visitor, or non-experimental child), with food that they might find a bit more familiar to them. As scarce as Cuban food is in San Francisco, take heart, it's way more of a rare species in many other parts of the country.
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Hello Vida, you moron...the original owner sold the restaurant right after they won Best OF...and they took their recipes with them. Stop being a hater. How do you think they won Best OF if their food was so crappy. Whatever! Personally, I went there every week and I miss their food..if anyone knows if they opened elsewhere, please comment!


My husband and I walk by Los Flamingos many times each week, we live a block away. There is NEVER anyone in there. WHY? The food is crappy. When they first opened everyone in the neighborhood gave it a try. Most of us tried again a few months later, hoping they had gotten the tasy-eats thing down. Now we all just muse how a restaurant that is always empty can stay open. There are many interesting stories about what they really do in there...all more interesting than the food.

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