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Best Double-Wide Gallery San Francisco 2007 - White Walls Gallery & the Shooting Gallery

White Walls Gallery and the Shooting Gallery have many things in common — dazzling shows by young, edgy artists, to name a biggie — but the best is the gaping, fat hole in the wall that connects the two storefronts. When passing through it, most people don't realize they've crossed into an entirely different business, with its own Web site and shows. The combined 4,000-square-foot space primarily draws an urban, street-art line, with White Walls taking big names like Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish, Shepard Fairey, and Mike Davis, and the Shooting Gallery bringing in strong lowbrow work from the likes of Anne Faith Nicholls, Paul Chatem, and Andrew Brandou. The opening-night events, though, are a thing of gritty beauty. The galleries are smack in the Tenderloin, across from New Century Theater. As the art crowd spills into the streets, clutching brown-bagged bottles while negotiating the dealers and the hookers and the scary dudes begging for whatever you got, it's like a Lou Reed song come to life.
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