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Best Film Festival for the Bloodthirsty San Francisco 2007 - Another Hole in the Head

As a city with a film festival for pretty much every race, religion, ideology, film technology, sexual orientation, and geographic location (seriously — we've even got the Ocean Film Festival), it's uniquely satisfying that we have one dedicated to horror. After all, the slasher market primarily consists of low-budget movies that'll never see on a screen bigger than your television, and it's only proper that a few of them get their names on a marquee, at least for a few hours. Granted, much of the stuff in Another Hole in the Head is splattercore trash that'll primarily interest your inner 13-year-old (or the part of you that just wants to smoke pot on the couch all day long), but there's nothing wrong with that. The fest, however, also manages to wedge in some great stuff, like last year's Rampo Noir from Japan, and it's always good for a few rarely screened classics. The series is run by the folks behind the S.F Indiefest, and it's not only named for the gaping head wounds found in a proper slasher pic, but also for the fact that San Francisco needs another film festival like ... you know.
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