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Best Free Baseball Viewing San Francisco 2007 - Outside AT&T Park

In a world where a single beer at a baseball game can cost you $8, it's nice to be able to call attention to this incredible, freakish, low-profile act of generosity from AT&T Park, home of the Giants. If you stroll around the stadium on the waterfront side, you'll see a gate, and you'll catch a tantalizing glimpse of green grass. Wait until the stadium employee who's stationed there admits a batch of people (usually it's every three innings), and you can waltz right up to a chain-link fence, which is the only thing separating you from the outfield. It may not be the best seat in the house — in fact, there are no seats, only standing room — but it's absolutely free. Clever SOMA office workers appear at lunchtime when there's a day game, and contentedly chew on sandwiches while they watch an inning or two.
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