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Best Girl for Gavin San Francisco 2007 - Jennifer Siebel

It's a close call to pick just one from the smorgasbord of suitors vying for a spot in Mayor Newsom's heart since his divorce: the CSI: Miami starlet, the friend's wife, the 20-year-old Republican with a porn name, the stalker with a purple glove. But this year, we've gotta give props to Gavin's current squeeze, actress Jennifer Siebel, for her dizzyingly desperate attempts to save face after being quoted saying that in Newsom's affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk "the woman is the culprit." Bloggers dubbed the actress a woman-hater on — no small accusation for a woman who produced a documentary on strong women — and Siebel just couldn't let it go. She logged onto the blog to loose an acute episode of bloggarhea, repeating over and over that she's a "girl's girl" and saying the Chron reporter quoted her wrong. With that performance, combined with her lingerie-clad spin in the movie The Trouble With Romance in which she plays a woman with bad taste in men, Siebel may end up being Gavin's most entertaining paramour yet. While that may not be so great for Gav, it's great for us in the peanut gallery.
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i heard that jen and gavin were broken up....who's the new squeeze for Gavin?

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