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Best Homebrew and Winemaking Supplies Shop San Francisco 2007 - San Francisco Brewcraft

San Francisco Brewcraft

San Francisco Brewcraft

1555 Clement

San Francisco, CA 94118


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A sign at the door of San Francisco Brewcraft tells visitors not to bring cellphones inside. Just turn yours off. They'll never know. Two feet in the door, boxes, buckets, barrels, and coils of copper tubing nearly block the way, but don't grumble and gripe, for these are all very essential elements in the making of homebrewed beer, and no other shop in the city carries such inventory. Deeper inside, you'll finds tanks of malt extract, bins of dried barley, empty bottles, and vintage beer posters on the wall, and you'll probably meet owner Greg Miller, best known as Griz. A homebrewer with decades of experience, he's your man, whether you want to make a hop-heavy IPA, a sweet Belgian ale, or a light lager, and he'll set you up with a recipe and materials in 20 minutes. He also welcomes customers to attend the free Monday-night beer-making class. Seating is tight. Inquire ahead. And turn off your phone.
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