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Best House Concerts San Francisco 2007 - Paul Schreiber's Apartment

Today, live music usually means cramming into the back room of a bar, or getting jostled by unruly crowds, and crying over spilled beer. Not so at Paul Schreiber's totally average modern apartment in Potrero Hill. For the past five years, the music lover has converted his modest living room into a live-music venue, showcasing local and visiting artists at least once a month. The stage: a spot of hardwood floor in front of a fireplace. Meanwhile, two leather couches and four rows of folding chairs form the general admission area. Before the show begins (promptly at 8 p.m.), Schreiber makes sure everyone has a glass of wine and is seated. No lurking in doorways, no chatting in the hallway. If the weather's nice, sometimes he'll move the concert into his backyard. A $10 suggested donation is collected after the show, and don't be surprised when Schreiber invites you to stay and socialize with other guests after the show's final encore.
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