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Best Ladies' Thrift San Francisco 2007 - Thrift Town

Thrift Town

Thrift Town

2101 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Exquisitely surly service, that pervasive, weird noise that comes from the roof, and the masses of hipster and/or impoverished humanity gathered on a weekend: Thrift Town is not for the faint of thrift-shopping heart. Its men's section is horribly picked over, its jewelry counter is disorganized, and the first-floor knick-knacks are appealing but overpriced. But if you're a girl with a taste for the weird and fairly cheap, TT's ladies vintage rack rules. While you could find cheaper scores digging through crappier emporiums around town, here at least you can trust the oddest and oldest fashions to be gathered in one convenient spot (the place is huge) and priced fairly enough. For those less interested in a lime-green polyester cape-and-sheath ensemble, the rest of the women's section has a good collection of fancy brands, racks and racks of fun coats, and a huge vintage shoe collection. Not to suggest that home decorating is purely a girls' pursuit, but TT's collection of vintage curtains, bedspreads, and fabrics is extensive and of excellent quality, if a little pricey. Still, the idea of efficiently getting all your cheapskate lady-shopping done in one spot should appeal to the June Cleaver in us all.
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