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Best Laid-Back Bar San Francisco 2007 - Wild Side West

Wild Side West

Wild Side West

424 Cortland

San Francisco, CA 94110


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How does the Wild Side do it? A lesbian bar that's friendly to all? Bartenders who gladly serve up generous pours? A place where straight guys from the neighborhood comfortably watch 49ers games with local dykes? What the hell's going on here? Why is everyone so laid-back? Simply step out into the backyard garden and the answer hits you like the aroma of a Ziggy Marley concert: Amid the bric-a-brac and wooden benches, there's usually a mist wafting about the foliage that is decidedly not the late afternoon fog rolling in. Position yourself downwind from the herbal source and breathe deeply. There'll be no fighting at this bar. Just a lot of hempy, uh, happy customers laughing hysterically and wishing the Wild Side served food.
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