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Best Literary Lunchtime San Francisco 2007 - CAT's Lit'n'Lunch Series

Between all the numbingly stupid memos, spreadsheets, and conference calls that must be executed during a typical workday in a typical office, it can feel like you're speaking a pointless alien language between the hours of 9 and 5. Thankfully S.F.'s tireless champion of translated literature, the Center for the Art of Translation, feels your pain. That's why they offer the consistently delightful Lit'n'Lunch series, featuring weekday lunchtime talks by top translators of world literature, from former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky on Dante, to S.F. Poet Laureate Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Jacques Pr?vert. You can pop over to the impeccably stylish 111 Minna Gallery, nosh a gourmet boxed lunch from A2 Caf?, and actually enjoy spending some of your daytime with a foreign language. Also available at the readings is CAT's wonderful lit mag, TWO LINES, the nation's top journal of translated literature, featuring contemporary and ancient writings not found in English anywhere else.
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