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Best Local Sports Radio Host San Francisco 2007 - Gary Radnich, KNBR (680 AM)

The man has his share of critics, who knock him for everything from his sometimes adversarial relationship with the English language to his habit of talking about non-sports topics. But forgetting for the moment that he reportedly earns around $1 million a year for his radio and TV duties, Radnich remains the Bay Area's blue-collar king of sports chatter, his humor as lunch-buckety as what you'll hear at the nearest construction site. His ad-lib style lends his three-hour show a spontaneity absent from most morning-radio gabfests, while his willingness to mock himself keeps his show from straying into the Jim Rome realm of self-righteousness. Not to mention, Radnich's daily half-hour exchange with syndicated SoCal yakker Tony Bruno delivers more laughs per minute than anything this side of the Newsom administration. Sure, you might hear more thoughtful discussions on NPR. But we're betting Terry Gross never made you snort hot latte out your nose.
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Dan Dudly is a bore. I usually disagree with you Gary... butnot this time.

Ed Henshaw
Ed Henshaw

I was just reading the comment from Giants General Manager, Brian Sabean, in Friday's SJ Mercury. I don't get it. He says "To be frank, We are not a good enough team to have someone like Mark on it, as a premium pinch hitter." According to the Merc. they will get one minor league hitter or pitcher. What the heck is that kind of a trade? Sweeney was batting 11 for 23 with 6 walks in his last 29 pinch hitting assignments. If, according to Brian Sabean, Sweeney is just too good for the team, why then are we paying 126 Mill for a pitcher Zitto, who has a hard time winning a game. If the club is so bad why don't they just give the tickets away, or tell everyone to stay away from the park until we have a team that is worthy, and what is he telling the present players. None of you are good enough to be playing professional basebeall.

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