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Best Men's Thrift San Francisco 2007 - Clothes Contact

Clothes Contact

Clothes Contact

473 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94103


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For a town that's been home to generations of wittily-dressed men, S.F. is rather impoverished as far as a one-stop thrift-shop for cool men's clothes. Maybe our well-dressed citizens recycle their castoffs to friends, or maybe they're buried with Egyptian-style caches, taking their best outfits on to the next world. There's certainly not enough cheapo men's fashion-detritus kicking around town, but Clothes Contact is an always reliable source for standard-issue vintage. Their buy-by-the-pound pricing scheme encourages experimentation with lighter fabrics, leading to rewarding risks on button-downs and T-shirts you might not ordinarily take if you hadn't already committed to a heavy Levi's shearling corduroy coat or a perfectly worn-in hoodie. They also stock plenty of ridiculous, sequined girly things, perfect for matron-drag, as well as racks of non-gender-bending military issues. The staff is pleasant, dressing rooms are provided, and if you're the kind of boy who likes to decorate decadently, the vintage velvet curtain selection is unparalleled.
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