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Best New Magazine About Meat San Francisco 2007 - Meatpaper

When visual artist and graphic designer Sasha Wizansky decided to eat meat for 24 hours as an art project a couple of years ago, the results were physically sickening but socially enlightening. Everyone, it seemed, had something to say about edible dead animals. "It was an amazing conversational lens," Wizansky says. "We have a real 'fleischgeist' going on in this country right now, a strong surge of curiosity about meat. People are more curious about the meat that they eat, and meat is taking a role in culture and art as well; a lot of artists are using meat either as a material or subject matter in their work." In response, Wizansky and journalist Amy Standen (both veterans) founded Meatpaper, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the fat and gristle. Neither pro nor con, Meatpaper serves up work from different disciplines and viewpoints; the debut issue features an article by an architectural theorist, an ethical debate, and a world map made of Spam.
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