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Best New Monthly Art Show San Francisco 2007 - Third Tuesdays/Sketch Tuesdays

Third Tuesdays/Sketch Tuesdays

Third Tuesdays/Sketch Tuesdays

111 Minna

San Francisco, CA 94105


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At regular art openings, artists usually act no different than guests, glancing at the walls, balancing drinks, and figuring out savvy things to say to one another. At Sketch Tuesdays, however, the artists do what they do best — paint, draw, and sometimes sculpt, in full view of all comers. Organized by Sacha Eckes, Sketch Tuesdays is a more informal, less intense version of Southern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally. Every third Tuesday, a dozen or more artists pile into booths or tables or chairs strewn about, while guests gingerly work the room, drinks in hand, trying to not be too rude by gaping but knowing the whole point is to gape. Finished work gets tacked up and priced by the artists (usually cheaply — sometimes for drinks alone), allowing attendees to bring home art they saw created from scratch. An army of locals have passed through, from Lee Harvey Roswell and Paul Madonna to Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall, but Eckes also allows undiscovered talent to simply show up and draw — provided they can find a seat.
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