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Best Newspaper Columnist San Francisco 2007 - David Lazarus, San Francisco Chronicle

Nobody wields a sharper scalpel than Lazarus when it comes to dissecting the doublespeak and deceptive practices of big business. His thrice weekly column serves as a consumer tip sheet, alerting readers when banks gouge customers through hidden debit-card fees or credit-card companies sneak extra charges onto monthly bills. Not long ago, with vintage Lazarusian acuity, he skewered an insurance trade group after it floated a self-serving proposal to expand U.S. health care coverage. "What it would do," he wrote of the plan, "is bring millions of new customers to the insurance industry and leave taxpayers holding the bag. ... " With the Chron's business section too often serving as a bulletin board for industry press releases, Lazarus brings a healthy dose of skepticism to the notion that corporate America knows best.
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