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Best Organic Grocery San Francisco 2007 - Rainbow



1745 Folsom

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Rainbow Grocery is the kind of place that other co-ops take field trips to visit, exclaiming in wonder at this gem of a grocery store: The natural, organic food! The environmentally- and health-conscious products! The independence! Collectively run, worker owned and operated, Rainbow Grocery is a model for any aspiring co-op (most of which are owned by the customers, not by the workers). It's easy to get lost in row upon row of bright, organic produce, rainbow chard peacefully rustling as the friendly, often pierced and tattooed employees direct one helpfully toward the sea of bulk grains or the spa-like selection of eco bath products. Unlike many co-op groceries, which can be slightly dark and creepy, Rainbow is a large, bustling treasure of a grocery store that's been in the Mission for more than 30 years and beats the pants off Whole Foods any day.
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