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Best Panna Cotta San Francisco 2007 - Lark Creek Steak

Lark Creek Steak

Lark Creek Steak

845 Market

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Panna cotta means cooked cream, and it differs from other custards, such as cr?me caramel, in that it's thickened with gelatin rather than egg. It needs a light hand with the gelatin to be successful, but it has become a very popular dessert. We've had it served with fresh fruit, slicked with a variety of sauces, flavored with a number of essences. But we've never had a panna cotta as luscious, as seductive, as diabolical as the creamy almond-flavored panna cotta topped with a layer of thick caramel sauce, and strewed with chopped malted milk balls, created for Lark Creek Steak by their genius pastry chef Chona Piumarta. She's also responsible for Lark Creek's delicate Meyer lemon tarts, blood orange cheesecake, and signature butterscotch pudding, but we could eat that panna cotta by the bowlful (and intend to).
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tish doyle
tish doyle

I just read in Tablehopper that Chona Piumarta is leaving Lark Creeksteak house to become the Executive Pastry Chef at the Slanted Door! This is great news! I love her desserts! Do a feature on Chona Piumarta.

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