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Best Pathological Citizen San Francisco 2007 - Frank Chu

While most S.F. kooks are of the frightening, defecating-in-public variety, Frank Chu is quite the Dapper Dan. He's quiet and always sports a slick suit and sunglasses (even at night). Dedicated to the work he does, Chu can be found making daily rounds through downtown religiously and at almost every public event, protesting crimes committed against him by Bill Clinton and unseen enemies from alternate universes. You'd think he were just an ordinary dude until you read his black picket sign full of incoherent garble. Though he's friendly and always ready for a photo-op, his raspy-voiced conversation is equally bewildering. He's gained cult status, joining the ranks of local celebs like Bush Man. His signs now carry ads for local companies. The 12 Galaxies nightclub was named after his sign, and Chu always gets top billing in exchange for free beer. Hey, even nut-jobs gotta eat.
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Can anyone describe what his voice sounds like? I think I'm going to do Frank Chu for Bay to Breakers.

Eugene Lynch,  Jr.
Eugene Lynch, Jr.

Frank Chu was really the 12 galaxies victum of the most perverted 12 galaxies 12 galaxies criminal. God Bless you! More perverted than those animals and insect and all of africa.

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