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Best Place for Doggie Dating San Francisco 2007 - Alamo Square Park

Alamo Square Park

Alamo Square Park


San Francisco, CA 94117


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A local, let's call him "Steve," takes his dog twice daily to Alamo Square, and recently veered away from his pooch's regular "business" spot. The reason? "See that girl over there with the golden retriever? I slept with her a few weeks ago and haven't been returning her calls lately." Veering away from the golden's owner, a girl with a teeny Boston Terrier in a sweater saunters up, batting her eyes. Suddenly, some of the reasons for owning a dog become clear. The golden retriever's owner is successfully avoided, the Boston Terrier's owner moves in for an introduction, and the dogs, blissfully unaware of their owners' flirting, tussle vigorously in the grass. Sure, a dog is your best friend, provides solace when you're down, makes you feel safe if you're alone at night, and all of that other good stuff. But any guy who's ever borrowed a puppy and stood with it outside of a Victoria's Secret store knows that dogs have another purpose: to get their owners some action.
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im tring to find a cute girl yorkie terrier for my boy yorkie terrier

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