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Best Place to Get Off on BART San Francisco 2007 - The Last Car of the Train

Just a quick search on XTube will vividly tell you what a thousand words can't: Men like to screw around with other men on BART. Specifically, men like to achieve orgasms on the train's last car, which is usually the least crowded of cars. Famously performed on the very last train of a BART car, the action typically (and rather Freudianly) happens while the train is riding in the long tunnel under the bay. From your garden-variety exhibitionist coyly hiding his erection under an alt-weekly, to two gents getting down to full-blown (heh) fellatio, this is the car to wait for when you're horny after work, curious, or happen to have your video camera at the go. But be warned: The fluorescent lighting on BART is harsh to say the least; this kind of brightly lit action isn't for the vain of heart.
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