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Best Place to Ogle Vinyl San Francisco 2007 - Groove Merchant Records

Groove Merchant Records

Groove Merchant Records

687 Haight

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Sorry, digital download enthusiasts: MP3s just don't have sex appeal. And those that are quick to proclaim that vinyl is dead as a musical format have probably never seen how pretty and youthful it looks in the bins at Groove Merchant, a discerning purveyor of lovely collectable jazz, funk, and boogie-oriented records since 1989. Flipping through too many $1 records in the warehouse-like environment of some stores often leads to the acquisition of a fine layer of icky dust on the fingers, not to mention the profound feeling of being insufferably cheap. Groove Merchant's considerably higher-priced darlings, by contrast, always feel freshly bathed and dressed. If not for price tags, this would seem like a museum of records. As it stands, it's merely a shrine to them.
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