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Best Place to See Nude People Run San Francisco 2007 - Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers

1213 Evans Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94124


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It's true: The people you generally don't want to see naked are the ones who, shaved and tanned hides bared in glory, will be out in droves at Bay to Breakers, a historic footrace held on the third Sunday in May that embodies the true spirit of San Francisco like hardly any other event. Both a serious 12K race from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean, and an irreverent costume parade that locals and tourists anticipate all year, Bay to Breakers attracts thousands of participants: families, weekend runners, and lots and lots of people with kegs on wheels. Making its way through the heart of the city, this quintessentially San Francisco event truly reflects life between the breakers and the bay. Yes, our town has long held affection for eclectic traditions — naked old people and all.
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