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Best Place to Spot a Bike Messenger Sitting Still San Francisco 2007 - One Post

The sunny steps of the Montgomery Street BART station may not seem like the hub of one of San Francisco's coolest scenes, but depending on whom you ask, they are. Bike messengers of all persuasions relax here between delivering tags: young, old, crazy, sexy, male, female (but not too many of the latter). Hand-rolled cigarettes are smoked, coffee is drunk, crosswords provoke furrowed brows, and the scene is constantly in flux as radios crackle, summoning these fleet-wheeled Mercuries to all corners of San Francisco. What is it about bike messengers that give them such an untouchable air of cool mystique? Shouting obscenities at passers-by (especially if they're female, and/or on a bicycle), drinking cheap beer in the early afternoon (or the morning), and an undeniable sense of utilitarian fashion all combine to give bicycle messengers a top score in "street cred." Watching them in action on the street is inspiring; watching them in repose at One Post could be a lesson in coolness.
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