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Best Pot Club San Francisco 2007 - Hope Net

Yes, it's true that this SOMA club has beautiful, high-quality marijuana — within the inner sanctum, green and purple buds sparkle with crystals. It's also true that patients are allowed to smoke at the club, either in the cozy, carpeted "chill room" or on the sunny patio out back. And it's a fact that it has lower prices than many other dispensaries in the city (an eighth of an ounce usually goes for between $35 and $60). But none of that is what sets Hope Net apart in the hearts of medical marijuana activists. The club's owners, Steve and Cathy Smith, are known for the compassion they show to their neediest patients; they give free ganja to about 100 destitute people, and sell it to veterans at a discount. Their focus is clearly on reducing pain and suffering — and while we've got nothing against a bit of giddy recreational use, Hope Net is a good reminder of Mary Jane's more serious side.
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