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Best Raviolo San Francisco 2007 - Bacon-and-egg raviolo

The name and appearance of this plump pasta are deceptively simple, but its careful and rather tricky construction results in a delicious and intriguing dish. Rendered bacon and toasted garlic are mixed with saut?ed spinach, mascarpone, and Parmesan, and heaped on fresh green pasta dough (verdant with minced parsley and spinach) in such a way as to create a well to cradle an uncooked egg; the second layer of dough is laid smoothly on top. The raviolo destined to thrill you is cut out, poached in simmering stock, and served under a slick of nutty browned butter. The creamy yolk mixes with the other ingredients in an especially satisfying manner. We're generally quite happy to share our food, but this one we wanted to keep for ourselves.
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