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Best Raw Food San Francisco 2007 - Alive! - CLOSED



1972 Lombard

San Francisco, CA 94123


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Chef/owner Leland Jung first nurtured a love of cooking while watching his father make dim sum dumplings at his Chinese restaurant. For his own venture, however, Jung eschews not only all meat, but all animal products, dairy, honey, wheat, and grains. Oh, and cooking. Raw cuisine is often accused of lacking in actual substance what it offers in visual style, but Jung's creations have both to spare. With his artisanal approach, some of the dishes on the menu take up to four days to prepare. Some of the most popular items, such as the candycap mushroom cheesecake, also make biweekly appearances at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. But it's worth journeying to this small dinner-only restaurant to enjoy dining al fresco in the lovely Zen garden or to order some of Jung's touted raw food for dogs. Only in San Francisco.
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Yes, shine on Alive! and Leland. All your dishes radiate light and meticulous care. This restaurant was a beacon of light for me as a newcomer to the bay area and one who was striving to eat as close to nature's laws as possible. Your culinary space is so meditative, so tranquil...I continue to be inspired and urge others to do so on and on. Congratualtions Alive! Your achievements are well deserved.


Congratulations, Leland! You've put some much love and caring to your food, that I always feel nurtured when I eat there. I'm also so amazed at the way you morph that little coffee space into a find dining experience. Your passion has further driven you to share your high quality and delictablecreations with the world al fresco at the Ferry Plaza. I so respect your presentation of the best and highest quality food on the planet and feel so happy to introduce those who eat the SAD to your food...they always thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks for being a most creative pioneer in this specialized culinary art. I'll be seeing you soon again!

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