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Best Reading Series with Cookies San Francisco 2007 - Radar Reading Series

Radar Reading Series

Radar Reading Series

100 Larkin

San Francisco, CA 94102


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The library is a somewhat staid environment for the Radar Reading Series. Maybe that's why its curator, Michelle Tea, goes to such lengths to encourage the crowd to talk back. After the readers finish their selections, they ready themselves for a Q&A. One might think feisty San Francisco audiences would fire away without needing an incentive to do so, but Tea offers homemade cookies to anyone who asks a question. Former featured readers have included nonfiction superstar Mary Roach, novelist Robert Mailer Anderson, and comedian/heartbreaker Tara Jepsen, while multimedia presenters encompass the likes of Portland's genius cartooner Nicole Georges, local multitalented hero Keith Knight, and radical artist Sara Thustra. Cookies range from traditional chocolate chip to perfumy Earl Grey; all are delicious, so start working up a smart question as soon as you get there. Otherwise, you'll have to choose between asking a dumb one or getting no cookie, which — trust us — is torture.
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