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Best Salsa Club San Francisco 2007 - Café Cocomo

Café Cocomo

Café Cocomo

650 Indiana

San Francisco, CA 94107


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There are several great salsa clubs in San Francisco, but what makes Caf? Cocomo stand out above the rest this year — and makes it a perfect destination for you and your salsa-curious family and friends — is their Monday nights. Once a week, Cocomo opens their doors to those new to salsa, offering two hours of beginning and just-beyond-beginning classes and then an open run of the dance floor. It's a fantastic way to get a taste of what a genuine salsa club scene feels like without feeling intimidated by a jam-packed room and triple turns. Most of the people around you will be beginners, too, so you don't have to worry about dancing with someone who will mock your limited skills. And at just $7 per person for the whole night, you just might be able to afford to treat the whole family to an authentic San Francisco experience. Though don't blame us when your parents shake it better than you.
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Maybe like 5 years ago... it's gone downhill. More of a club filled with dirty men rather than a traditional salsa venue.

So many places to go salsa dancing now:


This was the best kept secret among the locals for years because I think the keyword is "the comfort zone" felt by the club patrons. The music is great and the dj plays great music.

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