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Best Satirical Book San Francisco 2007 - SkyMaul

Beth Lisick writes, "It's hard to believe anything could be funnier than the SkyMall catalog itself." But not only is local sketch comedy troupe Kasper Hauser's SkyMaul ("Shop till you drop ... from the sky!") funnier than SkyMall, but it also makes SkyMall funnier. You can't look at the advertisement for the weird exercise machine in the real airline mail catalog without thinking of the I Give Up Office Chair and its accompanying photo of a person in a regular shoulder-massage chair. You know, the kind with the face hole? SkyMaul is also useful as an intelligence estimator: The faster someone starts laughing after picking up this book, the smarter they are. Products like the vegan dildo (photo of a banana), the posters with uninspirational sayings ("One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for anal sex" over a charming country road) and the Ball Scale ("accurate to 1/100,000 of a ball") should have the viewer in painful fits of laughter and if not, get rid of him.
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